Rebbølgårds Chanel

Some of Chanels Great results:


Chanel was priced with a goldmedal when she was 3 y.o. and was announced as the best 3 y.o. jumping mare in the Danish warmblood assiciation.


Chanel was clear in 140 cm. Scandinavian Open at Falsterbo Horseshow when she was 7 y.o.


Unfortunately Chanel had some accidents in her life, which have putted her a Little bit behind. But now she is back, and has been placed in three 145 cm. classes this year.



Rebbølgårds Chanel


by Chicos Boy/Diamond/Lagano


169 cm.


Brown, mare


Breeder and owner: Mie Nielsen and Theo de Vos, Bolderslev


Chanel has got one offspring by Colman, which is sold in Denmark.


Chanels is hopefully having an offspring by Zirocco Blue in 2015 using embryo transfer.




Kirstin Skjoldshøj

Baunehøj Ridecenter

Fællesejevej 21

4700 Næstved


Tlf: +45 26742848



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