Toftehøjs Camara

Kirstin Skjoldshøj

Some of Camaras great results:


Camara double clear at Falsterbo Horseshow in the 6 y.o. classes placed just outside the final as nr. 22 out of 169!

Camara clear in all Zangersheide qualifyers at Billund National competition.

Camara placed in 130 cm final at Holte National Show

Camara placed 3. in the youngster final at Vilhelmsborg

Camara placed and wins in 125 and 130 cm.


Camara placed in several show at 120 cm.

Camara clear in all rounds at Herning. The


Camara wins the Abilitytest (Egnethedstest Sjælland) in sealand for 4 y.o. jumping horses i Danish Warmblood.


Toftehøjs Camara

by Carmargue (Cassini)/Andiamo/Diamant

Born 2008

170 cm.

Brown, mare

Breeder: Berit Jensen, Herlufmagle

Owner: Berit Jensen and Kirstin Skjoldshøj


Kirstin Skjoldshøj

Baunehøj Ridecenter

Fællesejevej 21

4700 Næstved

Tlf: +45 26742848


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